Monster Mountain Ride Report

A few of us decided on the spur of the moment to try out a motocross park that we had previously not because of the 139 mile trek from Atlanta. 8 of us arrived at 10am and were immediately greeted by a dude with a clipboard who demanded $15. per rider. :D This is a little steep as most tracks charge $10. per rider. We begrudgingly coughed up the $15. and found a place to park on the 30 degree hill surrounding the track. :) The first unplesentness we discovered was that this venue has absolutely no restroom facilities what so ever.....Not even a port a john. :D This was not good news for the women in the group as the woodline was atleast 300 yards away, and was actually surrounded by the hais scrambles area. The track had not been groomed for a day of practice and was hard packed in most places and almost a foot of loose sand in others. :D The main track its self is massive and looks to be about 2 miles or so long (I took off my odemeter last week). The jumps on the track are all doable. If it were maintained properly for the cost of admission it would be fantastic. They have a kick butt state of the art water truck and used it often. The track allows both 4 wheelers and bikes to share that track at the same time which caused some problems with dust and knocking folks off their line....but it was practice right?

Based on comparable tracks, ammenities provided and the condition of the track...On this one particular day in time I would have to rate todays ride as a 4.0 :D on a scale of 1 to 10...10 being the best. Several things would have to change to get me to travel 280 miles $50.00 in gas and $15.00 to ride again. Especially when there are other tracks in the area that are comparable but smaller in size.

David...I hope this answers your questions. I have added the link to the site as well.

50 bucks for 280 miles-what the hell are you driving a dump truck?

A Full sized Fully Loaded Custom Van and a 20x8x7 Race trailer customized and fully loaded. 3200 lbs without bikes. The total unit is 39.5 ft long and 10,500 lbs. I get 12 miles to the gallon without the trailer and 8 mpg fully loaded....280 miles / 8 mpg = 35 gallons x $1.40 = $49.00 At 75/80 mph (pace speed of some of the knuckleheads I ride with) I need a tanker truck following me everywhere I go.

Atleast I can afford it for now....

Bonzai :)

No toilets?!?!? Unbelievable! They must only rent them for races.

Ya, I'd say so. We put on desert races miles from the nearest town and 100 to 200 miles from home and we still have porta potty's. Guys can get by behind a truck, but I wouldn't consider that acceptable for the ladies.

It is Alabama, you know, sorry you Alabama guys......... "we don't need no stinking toilets".............we have lots of trees.....

have you considered a dump truck? probably gets better mileage and will definately hold more bikes. plus unloading would be a snap!! hell, you could just pull a double wide with the dumper-then the wife will be happy too!! take care-bonez

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I hear ya man....

Bonzai :)

Tell them Hillbillies "y'all needs ta get some commodes up in heah".

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