05 yz 450

I have a few questions that maybe you guys could help me out with. I'm looking for a bike to race for two seasons. I'm from canada so that's about seven months per season, and I'll race every weekend. I have limited income to spend on repairs thus the 250 two stroke was my bike of choice. However, I found an 05 yz450 with 15-18 hours on it at a pretty decent price, 5300 canadian. So my questions would be, (cause I don't know anything about fourstokes) how much repair and maintenance do you think I'd have to do to make it last one or two seasons. Also what is the worst case scenario for cost repair? I'd like to know realistically how much a blown 450 would set me back, that's worst case. Lastly, how do you think this bike would fare over a season, more preferably two seasons. I've never owned or raced a four stroke and I'm really concerned that I'll get burned by it financially. Sorry for the long drawn out post, your response would be :thumbsup: sweet.


I don't race, but I do have a 2004 Yz 450f.

I bought the bike back in May 2005, with about 45 or 50 hours on it (off road riding only, no MX time) and I have put about 35 hours off road, and about 10 hours MX track on it.

So far I have had Zero problems......the Yamaha's probably have the most durable, least problematic valvetrain compared to any other MX or off-road bikes. The Titanium 5 valve setup, allows the use of lighter valves, and lighter springs which results in more durability because you're not putting as much strain on the valvetrain, compared to 4 valves that are heavier, and thus tax the valvetrain more.

I'm getting ready to check the valve clearances soon......I have never checked them yet, and I don't think the previous owner did either. I have heard of some individuals checking them with even 300 hours or so runtime, and they were right on spec.

If you get the bike, one of the most important things to do is to change the oil frequently....remember, the transmission and engine share the oil, so it's in your best interests to change it often. I do every 10 hours of runtime, but if I were going to race, I'd probably do it after every 2 races or so.

Sorry I can't help about the costs etc., somebody will chime in soon though.

the motors are so damn reliable, that it almost unlike for the bike to have motor problems

you'll just have your normal parts the wear out, but now you also need oil fliters and it's always good to have extra around!!!

It's a great bike and the perfect choice for what you want....competitive and dependable. I've got over 45 hours on mine since new and the valves are in spec as of last week. Change the oil (I recommend every 5 hours or 2 races) keep the filter clean (air and oil). "An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure" holds true.....

As stated, the things are bullet proof, but to answer your question to fix a blown topend/ valve train failure, $1000 to $3000. Thats a broad range, but it can get up there. There are many CRF horror stories that have fallen into that range. Not nearly as many YZF misfortunes.

As you know, the 2-smoker would be in the $200 to $500 range.

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