What year did the electric start?

I am looking to buy a used WR, and want to know 2 things.

I know all the 250's preceeding 2006 are not green sticker so they are out :thumbsup:

What years on the 400/426/450 are green sticker in CA?

What years have the electric start?


1998 - 2002 WR 400/426 = Green sticker; Kick Start

2003-2004 WR450 = Red Sticker; Electric Start

2005 - Present WR450 = Green Sticker; Electric Start

the electric start was first available on the 450s in 03 the 05 was the first year that the green sticker was issued for that bike

Well crapola..... I thought all the 400-450 were green.....

This changes my whole scheme for a new bike.....

Cant afford new bikes so need to buy used and so many are not green stiker...... dilema dilema....

Thanks again!

Anything up to 02 is green in cally, e start showed up in 03 :thumbsup: and the 05 is green and estart. Only option if you want green and estart. Oh, and 06 will work too! :thumbsup:

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