New to 98 yz400 f

Just got the bike for 1000.00 the paint is still on the frame by both pegs. Its in great shape. I've been riding on and off for alot of years, most of my riding in desert, with a little single track. I'm 6'00 230 what do I need to do to this bike to really make it the s@#t. It has a White Brothers E Series pipe.

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

F-ing scary. . my buddy just bought a 98 yz426 or 400 whatever for 1k.

are you from arizona * your avatar says Cali but could be wrong*

No from So. Cal. Freaky though. The bike is in freak'n great shape.

I had a 99 it was a great bike. Now I have an 01 426 even more awsome. I just got the suspension done and put a new pipe on it. Im itchin to ride it. Im going out this weekend should be fun! If I were you I would get the suspension done though. Best upgrade you can do for any bike. :thumbsup:

If the timing chain has never been replaced, I suggest you at least look at that and check your valve adjustment while you are in there. If your chain stretches out too much you might not find out until it eats the gear on the crankshaft witch is bad. A thirty dollar timing chain is a much cheaper repair and then you know how much time it has on it. Just some food for thought.

Check the basics of the motor. Change the camshaft timing chain this is a must! Also check wearables like the oil pump many people tend to over look this component. There have been many posts of seized lower ends on these bikes on this forum and I would be willng to speculate that an oil pump that has worn out specification could have been the culprit. The oil pump is a single stage dry sump, so if that single stage wears and doesn't work that well anymore thats your last defense against heat and friction. Oil doesn't only lube the engine/tranny it also keeps it cool. I just bought a four hhundred with a wasted lower con rod bearing, the oil pump was trahes along with the piton and so forth. It definately showed a lack of lubericatoin I can't stress that enough. So don't be afraid to pull it off and look at it because these are not cheap to rebuild even when you do all the work yourself like I do. Hopefully you will have no problems good luck.

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