Wheel rub on fork guards w/ Marchesini 06 WR450

I just have a quick question as my Marchesini wheels are having full contact on both sides at all times w/ the stock fork guards - Major contact - preventing from even trying to ride that way.. I could probally drill into the guards & zip-tie them together but would rather get some nice carbon ones that will fit tighter around the forks..

Are there any good options for carbon fiber guards ?

I see GYTR dont have the lower guards that will fit - I think ?

Or are the aftermaket ones going to be the same diameter as the stockers ?

Bike sould be complete in about 2 weeks I hope - Wait till ya see it - mods broke the 5K mark...


My Light Speed carbon guards stay well clear of the front wheel. You cant see it that well but they are cut away where the rim and tire come close to them so they stick out no further than the fork towards the wheel. :thumbsup:



GYT-R now make a supermotard widened triple clamp set just for all you supermoto guys with fat front wheels!

It is brand new to market. It is 15mm wider than standard, comes with front axle and spacers, stem bearing and post. It is for the YZ, so it doesn't have mounting tabs in the middle of the top clamp that the WR has.

I can't find the part number, but I am sure you can ask at your yamaha dealers.

Thanks Indy - How is the quality of Lightspeed - pitted ?

Is that a sticker that can be removed ?

I will do some searching on it but a direct replay would be cool :thumbsup:

Matty - I already got a BRP tripple & its AWSOME QUALITY - So the GYTR is not really an option but thanks..

The finish on the Light Speed is first class and smooth with nice finished edges. The sticker is easily removed with a hair dryer or a few pressure washes. :thumbsup:

Hey fozz, how about some bike pics?

Im just a sucker for a supermotard! Sounds like you spent some coin on that baby!

I keep planning to put out some pics of the machine but then the weekend comes & I decide to wait till I get the next phase done then the next - Heres a list of the mods for now..

Marchesini Wheels

Water Jet Cut Wheel Spacers

Galfer Wave Rotors

Galfer SS Brake Lines

Brembo GP Front Brake Caliper

Brembo Front Brake MC

Pilot Powers

DID 520 VT Gold (Narrow Chain)

White Brothers Carbon Pro Full System

Sport Vue Vapor Speedo w/ HUD Helmet Mount

BRP Scotts Pro Tripple Clamp

BRP Frictionless Chain Guide

Acerbis Blitz Headlight

Acerbis YZ Rear Fender

Acerbis Supermoto Front Fender

Spyder Grips

Afam Sprockets

Trick Flasher

Bermbo Mini Front Brake Res.

05 R1 Tail Light w/ upgraded Custom LED intergrated board

05 R1 Under Tail Cut to Fit w/ YZ Fender

R1 Control Switch

R1 Horn

Greggs 600RR LED Signals X 4

Barnumspro Airbox Side Filter Kit

Twin Air Filter Cage

Twin Air Power Filter



i cut mine fozz.same thing.rubbed like hell.

I run the Light Speed carbon fiber one on my YZ. They will also rub. They are not much more difficult than the platic ones to trim. They are much stronger than stock also.

Sucks - Lightspeed fokes said the lower guards are on backorder for 2 months......

Tweeked the stockers around to get some more room but the wave rotor is still grinding into the left side guard... :thumbsup:

The Lightspeed site doesnt have 06 Carbon lower fork guards on the site - Will the earlyer year WR / YZ carbon guards fit on my 06 ?

Thanks Fellas..



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