Pipe, jetting and smog pump removal

I just sold my KLX400 and bought a 05 XR650L. I ordered a Big Gun EVo X complete exhaust system and Big Gun Jet kit. I also ordered a kit to remove the smog pump.

Any recommendations about the mods that I am doing? I want to get some extra ponies out of it but still want the clean stock look.(with the exception of the pipe)

Standard mods- de-snorkel, drill slide, foam/K&N air-filter (foam better for dust!), and fore the rest of the answer... what does the jet kit come with? New needle? Keihin jets or not?


Go with Daves Mod's

Dave's mods, not a kit, I like the disc exhaust system whatever brand (I have old White E Series), UNI air filter, get a fork brace too. My two cents.

I took off a bunch of excess plastic including the wings, cut back side panels cause they get all scratch up stick out so far, passenger pegs removed, modified (compressed) the rear turn signal/break light (they stuck out too far for trails and my lazy swinging leg). Used all stock stuff just reconfigured......but then you want the stock look which is cool. Mine is more narrow, visually lighter, and trail oriented, still pretty nice for commuting too. What I took off in bike weight I put back on with a decent tool kit and my big butt.

You'll love the pep and low operating temps with rejetting, the rest is bling.

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