Water in oil??

Mate has a '05 WR450 with 1500k's. He cooked it a while back (900k's) when the radiator busted and he kept riding it but it made it home. Bike has never been the same since. Anyway he dropped the oil today and it was very milky looking. Where do we start? Water pumpe seals or head gasket?? Thanks

OUCH! 900 k's with milky oil!Depending on how hot it got it could be a lot of things.I think I would start with the head gasket and go from there.Do a comp test to see if you are losing squeeze.Once you have found the problem change the oil a few times to be sure all the water is gone! :thumbsup:

I would be looking at the water pump seals first, it is easy to pull the right side crank case cover off, you are going to have to to check the oil seal anyway.

You would know if you blew a head gasket.

Forget the water pump seal. :lol: What was he thinking riding it home with no water in the cooling system! :bonk::bonk::eek::p:thumbsup::eek: Head gasket failure is very possible but you may have also have a crack in the jug as well. Overheated engines can do a lot of damage in a very short time. Big bucks to fix this one! :thumbsup:

...Overheated engines can do a lot of damage in a very short time. Big bucks to fix this one! :thumbsup:

Not to mention, overheated engines, its hard to even see the troubled area.

A mate of mine cooked his YZ450, and the oil seal was all that went.

Impeller shaft oil seal leaking very common problem in older CRF450's too, but that is more to do with impeller design.

Saying that, I would really hate for that bike to be mine!

Well I just had the waterpump apart and it looks new. I noticed that between the 2 seals there is a drain hole. I assume that coolant would leak out before it enters the oil?

Time to pull the head off then.....................


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