03/Cams in 06 Engine?

Anyone know if the lift/duration specs for the older 450's is more agressive than than new '06 450's. P/N has a -10 on each item opposed to the -00 from the earlier 450's. Really like the new bike but the engine is still "soft". My '05 benefited from a '03 CDI box, White bros. pro series pipe,and the '03 piston. Now ,how to get the new "meek" 5 speed to perform somewhat like it should. Not sure what will fit and what wont. Yes, I love the new found smoothness, but come on,Yamaha give us back that '03 power!! I really did also perfer the 4 speed but with some gearing changes we can live with the 5. Hey, Ya'll ,anyone know how to get this new one some more beans ,let me know. :thumbsup:

The -10 or -20 or what ever is just a revision of the original part number. It may or may not mean the cam lift and duration is any different. You will probably have to look up in the repair manual or technical seminar update books the dealer has from 03 and 06 to see if the cam specs are listed. You may be able to call an aftermarket cam company to see if they have specs.

Personally if you are looking for more power, get a high compression piston and a set of cams. Also add 1-2 teeth on the rear sprocket.

but really the new 06 is superior than the previous models. The power is there, just way more useable than before.

The power delivery of the '06 is very deceptive. The '03 will burst into wheel spin, lurch forward, and threaten to scoot out from under you if you just touch the throttle. The '06 throttle is much more linear, and the bike better behaved, and seems tame by comparison, but the reality is that it runs very hard at full throttle, and is anything but weak. The beauty of it is that you can ride the thing a lot harder a lot longer without the feeling the you've been wrestling 4 big dogs and a teen-ager.

Yes,it IS easier to ride because the chassis & suspension are far superior but the numbers ARE lower, look at the dyno runs. The bike as whole package is superior to the previous models,but the engine is definitely down on power. Yamaha has regressed in H.P. slowly ,04,05 & 06. They sold completely out of the '03 pistons by early '05,someone else noticed too? Honda on the other hand has gone the other way and it produceses class leading numbers and holds it higher in the revs. It is closer now to the way the 03' YZ was, so in retrospect how "bad" was the '03 's power, MANY are trying to recapture that boost. It is just a shame to give up the extra ponies with the more advanced chassis and suspension. It was'nt the engine that wore everyone down,it was the chassis/suspension geometry. The YZ will run rings around every other 450 in reliability,hands down. Why have it make less H.P. than the"class leader" which is'nt even close in reliability. I know the power can be coaxed back into it and I am definitely thankful for everyones help and insight. This black & yellow, "yellowjacket" will get it's "sting" back before all is said and done! Best regards to all,Rick. :thumbsup:

The cam's part number changed in '05.

When I was looking to swap my WR cam for a YZ, I really wanted to buy the '03 because it was $30 cheaper. Since the only information that I could get on the difference was "Same base circle diameter and same lift", I decided to spend the extra bucks and go with the '05 part. Dunno if there is a difference in duration or not.

Why have it make less H.P. than the"class leader" which is'nt even close in reliability.
You mean the CRF, I assume?

heres the graphs.yamaha got their act together on the motor for sure.

red = yzf

blue = crf




The cam cover is about 10 mm narrower which more than likely means the cams are shorter.

I owned an 03, 04, 05 and now an 06 the 03 and 04 could wear a tire out in no time the rear tire spun like mad, I also missed the power when I bought the 05 as it was mellower, I bought hot cams and installed them and quickly realized that I really liked the 05 power better.

The 06 is actually better than the 05 the 06 has a little less bottom but more mid and top end.

I installed the power nows, disconnected the TPS and added the ELF LMS fuel and I think the power is just fine and will get better once I get my pipe.

Spoke with Hot Cams , they said they are using the same set in the '06 as the sell for the others '03,'04,'05. So ,there is one fix for some of the torque needed. Now to find out about pistons available and CDI's. Also my friend Heath,#13 ,said I could try one of the pipes from one of his practice bikes,he says it helps give some addition. The torque curve shows the deficit that Yamaha has given up to the Honda.Oh well ,'aint nuttin that can't be fixxed! Thanks for the charts, as they clearly show the "valve eaters" superiority in H.P. and especially Torque.

I would read the dyno chart again.

The red is the Yamaha, the blue is the Honda.

The torque curve shows the deficit that Yamaha has given up to the Honda.Oh well ,'aint nuttin that can't be fixxed! Thanks for the charts, as they clearly show the "valve eaters" superiority in H.P. and especially Torque.
This shows what happens when you read what you've already decided is there and ignore any evidence contrary to your preconceptions. Please note:
red = yzf

blue = crf

From the chart:

(blue) RunFile_006.drf Max Power = 49.25 (CRF)

(blue) RunFile_006.drf Max Torque = 33.91

(red) RunFile_010.drf Max Power = 49.79 (YZF)

(red) RunFile_010.drf Max Torque = 34.42

Explain to me what this demonstrates that the YZ has given up. Maybe I just can't see it.

If you had read the referenced thread, you would have also found out that, regarding the dip in the curve on the CRF torque graph,

thats just me opening the throttle too fast.this is a 4 th gear roll on
The two bikes are extremely close, and the DynoJet, being an inertia dyno, is as good a representation of real world acceleration as you can currently get in a lab machine.

Let me point out, since you mentioned it, that the well known difference in the power character between the '03, '04, and '05 models has nothing to do with the cams. The same 5TA-12170-00-00 and 5TA-12180-00-00 were used throughout that period. The ignition map is what was altered, and that's where you'll be likely to find the additional snap you're looking for in yours. Until that's dealt with, I doubt you'll be as satisfied as you could be with a change in cam timing.

But, thanks for bringing out the info that the earlier cams do physically fit the head. I suspected as much.

amazing..... :thumbsup:

The cam cover is narrower because the width of the opening for the cam chain is not as wide. It will be immediately obvious when you pull the cover.

Don E

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