Anyone who has installed an edelbrock carb on a WR, can you tell me what's involved throttle position sensor etc.

Search this forum for edelbrock. There's quite a few threads on the subject.

I put an Edelbrock carb on my 98' WR400 and have been really really happy. After getting corrosion in the passages of the FCR and never being able to get it to run right, the Edelbrock seemed the best solution. I laugh at all the posts of everyone talking about which jet to use, which needle clip to use, etc, etc. With the Edelbrock, you just bolt it on and turn the nob to set jetting, or another screw to set the pump. It's too easy! My bike has never run better at all throttle openings. I have a Rekluse clutch which needs to have perfect throttle response to work best. PM me for any questions.

I have an Edelbrock on my 05 WR450. Best investment I ever made.

I have an Edelbrock on my 05 WR450. Best investment I ever made.

Alex,thanks for the good deal on the carb. It's real clean, thanks..... I put it in my bike the next day..... Runs like a champ... :thumbsup:

How much is an Edelbrock carb? IS there a particluar model for the 03 WR 450?

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