DRZ sag spec

What is the specified sag for the DRZ400? Where should it be measured from (axle to ?). Thanks!

free sag should be about an inch.

race sag should be about three.

To set free sag:

Put the bike up on the stand, measure from the rear axle to a point on the rear fender. Now stand the bike up so that it is holding it's own weight. Measure to that same point. - that is your free sag. Adjust it with the preload adjuster on the shock.

To set race sag:

Put all of your riding equipment on. Sit on the bike. Take the measurement from the axle to that same point once again. The difference between this and the measurement when the bike was on it's own weight is the race sag. Adjust it with the preload adjuster on the shock.

But... If you have to adjust it for race sag it will likely no longer have the proper free sag. Why? spring rates. Only with the proper spring rate can you set both properly. If you are around 160 lbs you are probably OK - otherwise it is sprung wrong.

- Sean

I weigh 200 lb. and set my race sag at 4 inches, the measurement from the axle to the rear fender with the rear wheel hanging and then with me standing on the foot pegs. My DRZ400E works great with these settings. Note I also raised the oil level in the front forks to 115 mm.

TOTAL Sag should be ~100mm(4in.).

My fork oil level is ~95mm. If I remember right recommended oil level is 122mm(?).

Mt suspension is so good now I just wanna scream!! Stock springs, stock valving, higher fork oil level, sag at 4in., rear axle all the way in and a steering damper. Without the steering damper, I'd run the axle nearly all the way back to control the twitchiness.

1. Can fork oil be added easily through the air vent orifice/cap?

2. Do you know how many cc's of oil correlate to mm's of oil height. Or in other words, how many cc's of additional oil to get to 95mm height?

3. Is fork oil weight 5W?

4. What steering damper does the good doctor recommned?


[This message has been edited by desertman (edited 12-14-2000).]

Oil ammount to level amount: You'd have to know the diameter of the fork tube and any changes it makes along the way(forget that method).

I added 20 cc per leg when the bike was new and that feels about the same as 90 mm to me. Take that for what it's worth.

Oil weight: 5wt.

Steering damper: Scotts($$$, but worth it)

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