wr450 pr yz450

what would you guys get if your primary riding was woods. i like the power of the yz so how close is the wr

If you want to register your bike on the road, get the WR.

That was my deciding factor.

The WR power is way off compared to the YZ, it needs a new exhaust, and free mods to get it going. It has a lot of crap on it that choke it down. The YZ is a race bike off the show room floor. Just change gearing and get a bigger tank. Off you go riding!

The YZ is like 30lbs lighter than the WR. That makes a mammoth difference.

You will need a bigger tank on the YZ, but you need a bigger one for the WR also.

Look at this for sickness:


PM black_n_blue_thumper, he just got a new '06 YZ405 after his WR450. He is more than happy with the upgrade.

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