Tire Suggestions?

I'm going to need a new tire soon and am looking for your suggestions. I don't have a trailer, so I ride to the trails that I go to. I need something that's going to last on the road at least a little, but I definitely want to stick to a nobby so as not to kill my offroad ability, the whole reason I got the bike.


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Pirelli MT 16 4.00 x 18, cheap, good grip, lasts well, Scott Summers uses them almost all the time on his XR's

Works for me


I concour. The MT21 is the way to go for what you need. But it still just isn't the same as a good old knobby.


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You didn't say if the tire had to be DOT rated or not. I didn't want to give up any performance on the trails either, but still wanted a DOT tire. I put on a Dunlop D606 a couple of months ago, and so far it has been performing very well. Very good traction and excellent wear.

DOT rating is a plus, but I don't really care if it is DOT rated or not. Is there any way to get a nobby that'll just last longer on the street? I don't mind riding w/ the nobby on there, I just don't want to buy a new tire every month.

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kenda trakmaster k760!! chaparral racing $38.99 each. had mine on for over a year and just now needs replacing. not ridden every weekend but whipped when it was ridden, dot rated and excellent wear! i will never pay for a expensive tire again as long as this one is around!

Pirelli MT32

This sucker has lasted me for ages and hooks up nicely

Originally posted by WR400inOZ:

Pirelli MT32

This sucker has lasted me for ages and hooks up nicely

This looks like a very impressive tire. Did you ride it on the pavement much? I'm afraid that the pavement is what's going to eat whatever tire I choose.

QUESTION: I'm trying to figure out the difference between hard terrain and soft terrain tires. It seems to me that a "soft terrain" tire would have a hard compound, and "hard terrain" tires would have a soft compound. Therefor, a soft terrain tire is what I'd want for some dual sporting on the street because it'd last longer. Granted that they soft terrain tire would get better grip there, but wouldn't last for crap. Are my assumptions correct?


2000 WR400F - Throttle stop shortened, Grey Wire Cut, Filter Cover Removed...

I think you are correct to a certain degree. One thing to think about though is that a harder compound tire (i.e. soft terrain) may chunk more at the knob egdes when on pavement. I know some guys that swear by a softer compound tire for the street because the softer knobs "give" more during acceleration, cornering, etc., and are not as prone to chunking. They do wear faster though.

PS: I work with a guy that rides a DRZ400, and he got 1400 miles (60% street/40% dirt) on his Dunlop D606.


Not to step on any toes here, but you'll be sorely disappointed in any of the DOT tires out there compared to the a true off road tire. I've been through a few on my XRL, the MT21 was okay, but was NOTHING compared to an off-road tire, plus they'll chunk on the first ride in the Colorado rocks. On my Husaberg 501 I got earlier this year I put some Michelin S12's front & rear, very aggressive soft terrain tire. My Husaberg is street legal (well, except for the tires :) ) Anyway, it didn't take long that I started riding them on the street some, then went to Colorado to ride for a week. We ride around Twin Lakes, between Leadville & BV from my buddies house. So we pretty much do the same thing, we ride the highway to the different trails 20 miles each way is not uncommon. Not only did the tires hold up to the "Rocky" mountains, but held up to the street even better. Don't ask me why, but these things have worn like iron and did not shred on the rocks! I put those on back in March and they are still VERY usable after countless dirt rides, Colorado, Chadwick & easily 300 miles of street riding. On the other hand the 739's that came stock on the WR are very good in the hard dirt and not bad in general, but I noticed the few little test rides I did around the 'hood here have already worn the leading edges considerably. For your terrain you might consider the M12...medium hardness, but I will put S12's on as soon as I roast the 739.

I have an M12 on right now. It's a pretty soft compound, and feels a little slick on the street. It hasn't chunked in the rocks yet (around 200 mi. on it).

I've tried [l]<LI>pirelli MT16<LI>dunlop 755<LI>dunlop 903 (dot) <LI>kenda trackmaster (dot)<LI>michelin m12

All around, the mt16 has them beat. It only chunked a few knobs in very tough conditions. It was every bit as good on the road as the dot tires, and had a reasonable life.

The 903 had short knobs to begin with, and a soft compound. I didn't get half of the life I got from any of the others.

The kenda outlasted the others, but didn't grip as well off road.

The 755 chunked terribly but was best in loose, soft dirt.

I still haven't tried an s12, that will be next.

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