Moose 2X100W stator help

Does anyone have experience with this stator? How do I go about wiring it into a BajaDesigns harness?

There is no place to connect either 100W output wire. I would like to run the headlight with one 100W circuit and the brake/turn signal off the other.

The instructions that came with it suck. :thumbsup:

Any help or guidance would be appreciated!!!

Thanks, CJ

I'll take a shot. I have a rewound stator on my XR600, as well as a Baja Designs light kit.

You wont be able to use that second lead for the brakes, etc.

The Baja kit has a reg/rec, and a battery, and the accessories run on DC power, that is they get their power from the battery, which is charged through the reg/rec.

Sounds like the 100 watt leads are just for forward lights.

The product notes for your unit states that the 2x100 is additional wattage, over your stock wattage, so you need to hook-up the Baja kit, then just use the additional leads, to additional lights-and you should have enough to burn down the forest.

IIRC, the directions that came with my BajaDesigns rewound stator said if you want to wire in the secondary leads you have to purchase either a rectifier for DC output, or an AC regulator so it can dump the spare voltage to ground without burning your lights up.

Thanks guys. I appreciate your advice.

I sent a message to Moose with no reply as of yet.

I downloaded the rewound stator installation instructions (with DS kit) from BD. They specify to reinstall the stock AC regulator at this time. I followed their instructions (except for the headlight relay and H4 connector). Everything works, just not as good as good as with the stock stator.

I'm going to contact BD Monday and see if they can assist.

Thanks again,


They are correct. You should have 4 lighting coil wires coming out of your stator. Each pair is one of the 100W coils. One pair will power the Baja DSK as your stock stator did, plug and play here, no changes. The difference will be in the headlight. Preferrably, you will be driving at least a 55/60W bulb. You will wire the second pair of wires from your stator through your stock AC regulator (got to keep that voltage in check, it goes sky high when the bike is revved) and then to your headlight. The reason they used the relay is because you are not wiring it through the Baja DSK handlebar switch. The relay takes the place of the thumbswitch. In your case, not using the relay, you just wire from the AC reg. straight to the headlight(s) and they will come on as soon as the bike starts, and you will have no switch to turn them off, just like the stock bike headlight.

If you do want to turn off the headlight then you will need a 12V coil relay 10A capacity should be good. Use the 12VDC from your DSK handlebar switch, specifically the low or high beam switch output, and use this voltage to trip the relay. In this case your headlight won't run until the thumbswitch is in the low or high beam position. IE until the relay gets the 12VDC to it's coil to make it turn on. I wouldn't worry about the relay though, running the lights all the time is just fine.

How is it working worse than your stock stator? Please explain? We can get it figured out.

The wiring is the same as the stock stator except for the 2 100W lighting output wires.

As per the BD instructions, these 2 output wires plug into the yellow wires from the BD regulator. The green and white/yellow wires from the stator and stock wiring harness then plug into the stock regulator. Everything else is the same.

My headlight only comes on when the handlebar switch is in proper position.

It is worse in that the lights dim much more noticeably than before when at idle and I haven't even installed the higher wattage headlight bulb. Blinkers won't work for long when the headlight is on.

I electrically stupid (among other things). I don't understand the need for the relay switch. Would that cause the apparent lack of wattage available to the headlight and accessories?

Thanks, CJ

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