Brian lamaey

Any of you all that have posted in the classifieds ever heard of this guy? He's trying to get my address and what not to send me a cashiers check for a bike he has never seen in person. I'd appriciate any info on this fellow.

Never heard of him. Is he a TT member?

not that I know of.

IT'S A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!, My friend just went through something simular when he was trying to sell his bike through the recycler. The guy sent an e-mail stating he wanted to buy the bike without seeing it, he would send him a cashiers check or money order with an extra $ 650 for shipping, once it was recieved then my friend was to send back the $650 for the shipping so he ( the one that wanted to buy the bike ) could pay for the shipping himself. My friend took the FAKE check into the bank and it was a FAKE Washington Mutual check. We think these people are trying to SCAM others into possibly depositing the check via ATM and hopefully not giving the check time clear, and the victim would send back the shipping amount, so the person would come up on $650.

I had the same offer when I sold my DRZ. The guy wanted it without looking at it, and never asked about the price or anything. He wanted to send me a cashiers check to cover the sale and the shipping, but he wanted my physical address, claiming that his "client" was in a rush, and it would take too long to send the check to the post office. I refused to give out my house address, and when I asked him to call me on the phone, he claimed his phone wouldn't do long distance. I then asked for his phone #, and stated that I would call him to discuss the details before I would agree to anything. I have never heard from him again.

Tell him to send you the check to your office and give him the Local

Nearest United States Secret Services -Financial Crimes Divisions address for your area and see if still wants to buy it. Then ask him for his name and Phone number so you can get back to him to coordinate the sale.

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