Info on 06 wr450f good enduro bike?

I ride SETRA enduros on a 03 yz250f. Can anyone tell me what they think about the wr450f for enduros? I am worried about the weight and size. I don't know how much of the power would be good "usable power" in an enduro. I would say 1/4 of each enduro I ride is in tight woods. Any help would be great.

There is a guy who bought the bike 6 months ago and rode it 3 times and doesn't like it, so he will sell it for 5,500.

I have read it comes with a computer. Can I program it for enduros? That would be a cool addition to the 06 if you can actually use it. Even if it only does as much as an ICO pro comp. That would be awesome.

I weigh around 200 and am 44 years old. My main concern is the weight of the bike. I'm thinking it would take it's toll in a 5 hour enduro.

I just read the post on all the mods. They sound easy. This site rocks...

Thanks guys!

Dave I have ridden a few Enduros on my 03WR and I love it. You will see a very large difference going to a heavier bike (almost 40lbs) but like anything else you will get use to it. I believe that you will like the power difference. I cannot say anything bad about my bike in the tight trails and that is all I ride in east Texas.

I don't know about the Yamaha Computer but I wish I could get my hands on one.

Get it at a good price and if you don't like it sell it and get your money back.

I guess 5,500 is a pretty good price.....

Thanks. I guess I need to find an enduro rider who has the 06 to see if the computer is programmable.

$5500 is ok I guess but not great. You can buy a new '06 here for $5895 OTD. Try to talk him down. :thumbsup:

I don't think the 06's were out 6 months ago, I bought my 05 about 5 months ago and the dealer didn't expect the 06's for another month or two.

$5500 is ok I guess but not great. You can buy a new '06 here for $5895 OTD. Try to talk him down. :thumbsup:

Damn, must be the California emission standards. Some shops around here want ~$7800 OTD, $6900 if you're a good talker.

Glad I bought used (only paid $5K for my 05 back in November), just find a veteran rider who takes care of his crap. Mine looked brand-new, found it here. $5500 for '06 sounds good to me. If you don't want it, I got a buddy who does.

The WR450F which is a great bike with intoxicating power but it's a bit of a handfull in tight woods and the weight & power are a bit much for competition here in the East. I'm actually thinking of going light but don't think I can go back to a 2-smoke so I'm considering 250F MX bikes to convert for off-road. How's the 250F worked for you so far? Any advise on setting one up for off-road?


I ride SETRA Enduro's on an '03 WR450 and it is a bit of a handfull. I finished the Gobbler Getter at Perry Mountain and I wished I was on a 250. The hills were super easy on the 450 but as you know almost the entire 60+ miles were 32" wide or less. I'm riding the Cherokee National next month and I'm thinking of riding the ole'KDX 200 just to save some energy. I love the big 4 strokes because I'm addicted to the power. I have been looking into a new KTM 400 or if the '06 or '07 WR450 truly has a lower center of gravity and doesn't feel so top heavy and really work you in the single track I will go with a new Yamaha. Yamaha has set the benchmark for their 4 stroke motors and the power delivery is like an electric motor it just pulls so nice once you tune the hit out. If the CG is lower on the new ones like they claim I will get another WR450. My brother acually rides a WR 250 and its a girls bike until you get in the tight single track then it really shines. If anyone out their has owend and raced an '03 WR450 and has moved on to an '06 WR450 I would really like to know if is less tireing to ride and can you flick it about amongst the GA Pines.


Wait for the '07' Aluminum Framed WR - exceptionally light and flickable.....

Who says that the 07's will have the aluminum frame? Is that official?

Other than being "nice to have and talk about", what will the new frame do for us? Will the average rider notice the difference?

Will the average rider notice the difference?

Ya.... they'll curse themselves for not buying the '06 every time they have to work on it.

I got my 2006 WR450FV last week in Santa Rosa Ca. fo $6661.00 OTD.

I'm working on the last of the mod's, the Ais and Carb. So far I love the bike after 21 years on 5 different XR600's I made a good change.

Great comment by AlabamaWR. I also rode Perry a few years back and you must be in great shape to muscle the WR from start to finish. It has the best power delivery of any enduro bike on the market. The power will bail you out of a bad decision. Many times I thought I was a goner and the throttle pulled me through jumping over a big hole or rut I didn't see coming. I never spill on this bike like I used to on Honda's all the time. That is why we hold onto the WR, but I also have considered a lighter ride like a 250F or 2s. I rode my buddies CRF250X and it is much easier to maneuver in tight woods, but the power didn't seem adequate.

If you go with the 450 you will luv the ride and power, but I don't know of anyone who wins SE enduros on them, because the trails here are so tight.

Put a 52 rear sprocket on it the first day you get it. It makes a huge difference in the southeast. I wasted a year with a 50 rear. I stayed with the stock 114 chain and feel the shorter wheelbase helps in the tight stuff.

Even then most who ride 450's here ride KTM's or the Honda. The Honda seems to have a lighter front end and flicks better when it is tight, but they spill all the time. I am too old to crash every ride so I stay with the stable, reliable WR.

I love my 03 yz250f for enduros. The only problem I had was if it stalled, it was a pain in the butt to restart. I put a revloc on it and that took care of that problem. I put a dr.d pipe on it, a flywheel weight and changed the front and rear sprocket along with an o-ring chain and that was it.

The weight and size of the 450 concerned me in SETRA enduros. I guess I'll pass and buy the 06 yz250f. Revloc e-mailed me and said my revloc for my 03 would fit the 06, so that will be the route I will go :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the advice. I would love that extra power and speed of the 450, but I'm guessing it wouldn't do me much good in the tight stuff......

Daverehm, Ever have any problems with overheating on the 250F. I've decided with the autoclutch a tall 1st gear & stalling won't be a problem, so I'm thinking an 06 250f with a revalve to soften the suspension and a FMF Q pipe and the usual protective stuff. Anyone using Powernow's on their carbs?

No problems with overheating unless I'm sitting still, with the engine running, for over 5 minutes. Even in the real tight stuff, never an issue.

I have a powernow and to be honest, I can't really tell a big difference. The 250f has been such a great bike, I don't think it will matter that much with or without one. The revloc is definitely my best investment. You will not be disappointed. I never have a stalling problem anymore.

Wait for the '07' Aluminum Framed WR - exceptionally light and flickable.....

The aluminum framed bike will not be lighter. Maybe heavier.


The aluminum framed bike will not be lighter. Maybe heavier.

Ditto that.

The aluminum YZ lost maybe 5 pounds, and became WAY harder to work on.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... the day they release a perimeter-framed WR will be the day that I will forever be in the market for used models.

An aluminum perimeter frame might be cool on the track, but 30 miles from the truck when it's 90 degrees, no shade, and when you have to get in there to do something to the carb, you'll trade that "light weight" and "flickability" in a heartbeat.

I just got done watching three rounds of the World Enduro Championships and there were plenty of WR 450's running it and doing well. Since I ride in So Cal deserts I couldn't comment on tight woods stuff, but my WR works well in the tight stuff out here.

I don't think the computer can be set up to do an enduro the way an enduro computer i.e. "Checkmate" can. It's more of an all encompassing "gauge' package that can show miles ridden, mph, time ridden on trip, avg speed, etc. I think the stock computer could be used with a watch but may be hard to reset and may be hard a little hard to read while racing enduros. I know my after market computer doesn't work well for enduros.

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