Ok! Every One Is Saying 98 Mm On The Sag For A 06 Yz. Now This May Sound Dumb But If I Measure From The Center Of The Hub To The Fender What Would That Be In Inches Or Is That The Static Load?

You want to measure perpendicular and 98mm is the difference between the unloaded measurement and the measurement with you on the bike. It works out to about 3.8612 inches or 3 and 13.77 sixteenths inches.

Thanks for the last two guides I hadn't done mine yet because i havn't had the conversion to inches and dont have a mm tape. I too read that 98mm is the perfect race sag opposed to the popular 105mm due to it being a stiffer swingarm a stouter spring and new aluminum frame. All read directly from the MX action first test of this bike. They claim 98mm is perfect . Lower the triples 5mm and get 10mm taller bars and all the riders claimed problem solved. Then they go to say its the best 450 sold. Funny because one magazine test says the bars are perfect and dirt rider couldnt seem to get past the push. I guess for everything good said someone has to say something negative.

you're right about the sag. put mine at about 95mm and was way too active.

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