Bike protection against boots?

I notice that my boots are chaffing against my covers and frame while I ride. :thumbsup::bonk::bonk:

What are you guys doing to protect the bike??

Is some duck tape or other wrapping a good idea? :thumbsup:

I went to Walmart and bought some felt with adhesive on the back side. I cut the sheet of felt and glued it to my boot. It last for about a year before it peels off. I do have the Works Connection frame guards, but they don't cover much of the frame. The felt works the best.

I have the Works Connection guards as well. For the rest of the fram, I bought some black grip tape from Home Depot and cut/shaped it to cover the rest of the exposed frame. It doesn't look ghetto and it has actually helped with gripping the bike during the occasional hairy moment...SC

I have the Works Connection ones and love them. For the frame rails I bought a sheet of clear medium grip tape made by Factory Effex. I cut it to fit on both frame rails and I had enough to cover both sides of the air box for grip and protection. The great part about the clear tape is once it is on you cannot see it, and it is not as harsh on your boots and pants as full on grip tape. :thumbsup:

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