Buying a '02 XR650L.......

I'm purchasing the bike from a dealership without seeing it . Having it shipped is way cheaper for me. The bike has 3600km and is all stock. The salesmen says it's in mint shape and barely been off-raod. Any suggestions on specific questions to ask or info i need to get before i buy it?

I've done a lot of research on thumpers before deciding on this one, so i know the XR will work for me. I guess i just want to cover my ass before buying the thing.

Any help would be appreciated.




Remember: it's a salesman's job to SELL .... take that into account with any sales pitch ... ( nahh, Im not suggesting a salesman a long distance from you might actually LIE ) ... :thumbsup:

Have them send you as many photos as your server will allow. A warranty would be helpful, but doubtful.

Have them check the tire & rim condition and tell them to give you a % of tread life remaining. Have them adjust and lube the chain. Tell them to change the spark plug and oil since it's probably due for a 4K service anyhow. Work it.

I'd also have them provide you with checklist that all maintenance has been performed and all other systems have been checked and are working properly. It's what any reputable dealer should be willing to do.

Good luck.

See if any members here live close to the dealer and ask them to go check it out. :thumbsup:

See if any members here live close to the dealer and ask them to go check it out. :thumbsup:

I second that. And push for a warranty or satisfaction guarantee.

I'd like to here how this turns out. Let us know.

like its been said, find any service records if any! is the bike stock, untouched by any hack? :thumbsup:

Hi SASK, I live in Saskatoon. Which dealer are you buying from? Don't forget that you will have to pay some tax on the used bike. I got a 2000 650l from Lethbridge, AB last spring and put 4000k on it in one summer. Try to get as much history on the bike as possible, or better yet, go look at it for yourself. These bikes are so reliable that they will last through almost anything. PM me if you like.


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