Advice needed on a 2003 yz450f

Ok so i have posted about this problem before me 450 is leaking fluid from the weep hole off the water pump next to the oil filter. :thumbsup: The firts day that it happened it leakined a good amount and then about 2 weeks later on a warmer day 60 degrees or so it didnt leak at all...but then yesterday it was about 50 or warmer out it leaked slowly once to make one drop then stoped and i rode it for a while 10 minutes or so and it never leaked anymore. and the last responce i got said that my impeller bearing was shot and so was the "Rod"? I just got the bike in september and the guy i bought it from had only put 8hrs on it and only went around his house every once in a while. Also he told me when i bought it that it had had the radiators flushed so its all new stuff in there. I have only got 20 hrs on it now! Is it the bearing and "rod" or is it just my sela. I have gotten those to answers from 2 different yamaha dealers. Please Respond i really need yur help! :thumbsup:

Sounds like the seal is gone (or going).

Well it's your call!You could just do the outer seal and hope!You could do the inner and outer seal.Or if you have it apart that far you could do the shaft and both seals!feel lucky,,,,,well do you?From a movie!LOL All kidding aside I just went through this with my sons and I put it all in it.I guess as easy as it is to do the outer seal you could try that first! :thumbsup:

You might have a bad rod or bearing but most likely it is just the seals. replace both they are easy to do, any major play in the rod will stop. be sure when you place the case back on that the rod falls back in place before you tighten the case back up. These seals going out are a general thing not much to them anyway be sure to place them back with the cup to the fluid side of the case one cup to the oil side one to the water pump side.

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