CRF 50 - Kick start won't budge

I put my son's 50 in the shed for the last two months and go to start it up last night and the kick start won't move. It hasn't been dropped or nothing and was working great before we put it in there. Any suggestions before I take it into the shop?

Uh. Maybe just the kicker is locked up or the engine.

pull the plug then try it

i would think that the kickstarter is not the problem but the piston and the cylender. might have seized up rusted. DONT TRY TO FORCE IT!

Try pulling the spark plug and spraying in some wd40. If that doesn't do it, after letting it soak a while, just pull the head off It doesn't take but about 20 mins, and you can most likely reuse the gaskets.

even if the wd40 does break the rust loose you still should rebuild the topend before starting.

take the ignition cover off and turn the flywheel backwards(look for the little arrow) gently. you dont want to bend the crank..

on my crf i had a breather kit and somehow water got into the valves causing the valves to not move, so my kickstarter would not move either.and also my bike was sitting for awhile just like yours.

just an idea, maybe water got into it too!!

If the fuel was not turned off the float could have stuck open and the engine is now hydrolocked with gas. Anyways remove the sparkplug and take a peek with a flashlight first then gently try to kick the engine over.

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