MX Tuner

We need to talk..... Yesterday while at monster Mountain my front forks bottomed out several times when hitting step ups and a couple of big doubles. Man it hurt like hell. This morning my left leg archilies tendon and my shoulders feel like I was in a massive train wreck. Additionally we need to talk about a scotts dampner...with my normal 13 lbs in the front tire , the front end was dancing all over the place when I pinned the throttle. Lucky I didn't wipe out because of that alone.


Bonzai... :)

Hey Bill,

You going to Copperhead Saturday? Dave is going to try and ride. I'd like to keep an eye on him. If so I'll talk with you then. Otherwise, page me during the day. 770-202-0765.

MX Tuner


MX Tuner

I will be there for sure. I don't know how much hammering I'll be able to take. My Archillies tendon is still a little tight and somewhat sore from last weekend. I definitly want to make sure that the youngster doesn't over do it. I'll be hitting the road around 6am and should get there sometime around 8am or so.

Bonzai :)

Copperhead Saturday!!!!!, Mark is Lane & his boys coming? Bill - how about the Fayetteville gang/girl? Don't worry about me, I got my nitro!!!!!!!!!!!!Any other Georgia/Tenn riders???

Yeah, Lane has a full trailer he's going to be dragging. I'm going to be following him and you. He's okay with meeting at the Ballground exit. Wanna say about 9:00am? Lane said they don't start practice until noon. Is that true?

On a side note, I found out why the 450 was cutting out at anything over half throttle. I had a small piece of gravel directly below the main jet. DOH!!!


MX Tuner

OK I'll Bite.....How did that get in there? Lane is correct I called them yesterday and MikeeP e-mailed me back and confirmed gates open at 12pm....expect a crowd.

See Ya Saturday.....and look 756 front and rear going on tonight... :)

Bonzai :D

Oh, good. I shred my Michelin and now you get new sneakers.

I have no idea how the pebble got into my carb. There was absolutely no othe rdebris of any type in there. Just one relatively large (large enough to plug the end of the main jet and not get stuck there) chunk of gravel.

Who knows. Maybe God put it there to slow me down. Maybe I should leave it there?


MX Tuner

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