XR650r toolkit?

Do any of you guys happen to have the original toolkit that came with the bike?

I'm curious what exactly came in that kit. I'm sure there isn't any real difference in the years so anybody that has one and knows the contents will work.


disregard I found it :thumbsup:

The XR650R comes with a toolkit ??? - I didnt get one with mine... or where do they hide it??

In fact, now you have me thinking, does the bike come with anything at all?

I got nothing with my '06... just the bike.

I believe it's just a spark-plug wrench. My used bike didn't come with one but I actually ordered a new one from Honda. It works well for my tool wrap since it's so lightweight.

XR650R toolkit...= Sparkplug wrench in a plastic pouch....Thats it.... :thumbsup:

Great - thanks .... yet another thing the dealer... forgot to give me :thumbsup:

it's not "hidden" on the bike some place is it ?

XR650R toolkit...= Sparkplug wrench in a plastic pouch....Thats it.... :thumbsup:

Funny how they give you a tool you'll harly ever use. A nice 27mm crescent wrench or socket would've been nicer...

My first Honda was a 1969 Z-50 and both the blue plastic pouch and the cheap stamped iron spark plug "pipe-with-a-hole" has not changed since - they must have made a big lot of them.

Whats kinda funny to me is, My Honda outboard for the boat came with a real tool kit, 3 end wrench's,a screwdriver,flat head and philips and a plug wrench and a bottle of motor oil of which is still in the gas tank assembly...

I guess you can't walk back very easy from the middle of the lake... :thumbsup:

They gave me a spark plug wrench, and that's it. There is no mention in any manual about a tool kit. I pieced one together myself, and carry it in an aftermarket rear fender bag.

Thanks for all the input guys, I went to the dealer to pick up my tags today

and he gave me a "kit" which consists of a owners manual (not too bad

as far as free books goes, it'll help with most maint. tasks) and the blue

bag with plug wrench. Also I got a bag of "leftovers" from the Baja Kit that

were never used. not bad.

Get this, the kit also comes with a book that teaches you to ride off-road.

pretty cool for beginners, not the right bike for one though :thumbsup:

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