Smashed mirrors

Hey guys, I've got a road legal WR400 and so always have my mirrors on when i go riding. Does anyone of some good aftermarket mirrors that won't break every time i drop the bike? Maybe that are better designed or are flexable.

Thanks Rogo

As long as your ass is not to wide I would go with these:

The renowned, fully adjustable convex mirror has no equal! Less vibration and more visibility than any other dual-sport motorcycle mirror made.

Mounts on the rise of all stock and after-market handlebars.

Housing is of high-strength and impact resistant Polycarbonate. Corrosion proof stainless steel bracket and stainless steel/aluminum hardware.

We designed these to replace stock mirrors that are oversized and prone to breakage. Even on the tightest trail these 2.5 oz. mirrors stay put and intact.


You can get them from Dual Star:

Thanks guys, looking into them.

Ever use 'em?

The only thing they're good for is passing inspection to get a plate.

Don't try to use them to see what's behind you... all you'll see is 3 or 4 headlights.... when there's only one bike behind you :thumbsup:

I took mine off after one ride and put them on my buddy's son's bicycle.

I'm running a true DS post-mounted mirror now... slightly convex and works great.

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