Crunched my exhaust...need advice for replacement

so my exhaust has been completely done in, all except the headers. so where can i find a cheaper but still wr worthy exhaust with everything but the header? any ideas?

Ebay or

How did you manage to crunch the stock canister it is bulletproof! :thumbsup:

Ask him about his hand as well :thumbsup:

Well it may be bullet proof but its not end over end proof, I wrapped mine around my back tire. So far the rebuild is at $2700. But its going to be sweet!!

Well some buddies and I are down in Phoenix on a road trip, and we decided to ride the Canyon track yesterday. So my one buddy and I were goin pretty good for a couple laps, side by side, it was great. But then we came up to a double double section, and I was gonna try to take the first double sitting down to try and set myself up for the next one. In doing so, the rear supsension compressed a little too much, and It pitched me forward. Well the front tire stuck in the dirt when i came down, and my buddy front disc came down right on my pipe. almost literally, sealed the muffler shut, just crunched it. And in the process he also bent my mid-pipe along with that. So im not too excited about this replacement, but its a must. So who knows of a cheap but still good muffler and mid-piped set up that i can buy that wont require i re-jet?

And I sprained my hand in the process.

Why don't you want to rejet? It is piss easy to do and big gains are there to be had.

As for pipe, you have to think about what you want to get out of it and how loud you can go. MX pipes are best for power, but they are anything but quiet.

The "euro" versions of most MX pipes are 98db, which isn't that loud, very good performance boost indeed, without being obnoxiously loud. Just about any pipe on the WR is an improvement over stock.

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