ENM hour meter wont show RMP WTF??

Hi all, I have one of these:Hour meter

It doe snot seem to show me any RMP at all. I have the instructions here with me and uninstalled it...reinstalled.. reset it.. tried different modes...

From what I understand, Itssupposed to show me the RPM and also count houres per the spark (once per revalution??) and count down to service set interval. All that is displayed on the LCD is "0.0 hours" whether the engine is running or not.

What could I be doing wrong???? :thumbsup::bonk:

BTW, there is a black and a orange wire runnign out of the spark plug seal that I assume to be the "spark plug cable". Its not your conventional XR type spark plug cable..

Which one to I wrap around? The orang or the black... or both.. :thumbsup:

Here are the Specs:

Large 7 segment LCD display

Low cost and small size

No power required

Solid state electronics

Quartz crystal

Wide operating temperature range

High reliability

Standard is resettable, non reset version is available from factory

Indicates operation in RPMs and hours

Self programmable or factory set 1, 2, 4, cycle engine, or hour meter only

Easy to install.

Made in the U.S.A.

You need to wrap it around the top 2-3 times like this.


I tried that, It did not work... I ended up taking the red wire and unplugging the seal and then wrappred it.. It worked then!... my question now is wha spark setting do I set it at? eg:

1 = spark once every second revolution

2 spark once every ...

whats a WR do anyway...??

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