Helmet Cam Video Editing Questions?

Can any one tell me what a good software program is to edit hi8 and then record back to vhs, with out losing lots resolution. Some weird lady at CompUSA said the dazzle programs wouldnt be any good. Also I plan to run this on a dell pentium lap top. I will email some clips but more interested in cleaning up the videos for vhs play. any help appreciated. The helmet cam is working great but can be too boring, like while watching your buddy run out of gas and not realizing he's out of gas for 10 minutes, before trying the reserve. Thanks

if your using or planning on upgrading to windows millenium edition it comes with a cheesy movie maker you can use to email video that a novice can use .

Good reference, '00. However, for a beginner it may focus a bit much on traditional hardware solutions. The shooting and editing concepts outlined in the introductory sections are good reading.

Team Oatmeal - the quality issue isn't really what software you use, but what card or device you use to digitise the original tape. Odds are you won't be able to plug in a normal digitiser (ISA or PCI card) into a laptop at all because they only have PCMCIA slots. But you can digitise on a desktop machine and then transfer the data, although I'd say you'd be better off on a desktop machine for the whole exercise.

A cheap cleanup without computer hardware investment is playing your original and using rec/pause on the VCR with the new VHS tape you are making. You may get a 1:4 tape volume reduction with accordingly reduced boring sections. I.e. a 1 hr tape down to 15 minutes.

check out pinnaclesys.com for more info

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