Yz 400f

I was just wonder how much the average 98 YZ400F is going for these days. My dad was thinking of getting one as a practice bike so he could ride too when I practice. I dont want him to get ripped off though. Thanks for your comments.

i guess it depends on whats all done to the bike, i have a 99 and only payed 2500 for it, but i also have about 1500 in wheels and hubs. so u pretty much just need to look around and find the right deal, let a lot of people know youre lookin for one and the right deal just might come to you.

Just got on yesterday. Payed 1800.00 with a box of aftermarket goods, triple clamp white bros e-series pipe no header, renthal bars, scotts fuel screw levers grips, and numbers. The poor guy rode it twice. Crashed it the second time(minor scratches and bent bars) got scared of it and buried it in his garage for the last 6-7 years.

Good luck

i sold my 99 yzf for 2500 and it ran good. and i went with the525 ktm. the ktm is way better...

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