90/100/21 tire

Anyone tried the new 90/100/21 tires to help the front stick?Specifically in sand. :thumbsup:

I would get a 80/100-21 tire. A 90 is a little too thin for a full size bike IMHO

The 90 is wider, not thinner. I have tried most of the wider tires available. The Brigestone 401 is good in soft terrain, horrible on anything else. The Dunlop 742 is showing some promise, but I would hate to say it is a better choice than the 756.

Dunlop has a 712 front that is a good hard terrain tire, but does not like the soft stuff. If we could get a 756 with the larger size, we might have something. Until then I feel it is a good idea with very poor tire choices.

The Brigestone might be a good sand only tire, but god help you if you try and use it on anything else.

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