Chain rubbing sub frame

Hey guys.

Has any one elts had this problem?

I have a 06 WR 450 with around 400 miles. Last week while doing some cleaning on the bike I noticed that the chain has been rubbing a bit on the inside of the aluninium subframe.

I had heard that there were problems with the chain and the swingarm on the 05 model but I think they fixed that on the 06.

Does anyone make a aftermarket guard for this?

Thanks for the help, and in advance NO the chain was not to loose. I keep the chain right to the yamaha specs!

Thanks guys


The swingarm and chain issue was with the chain slider and was addressed in '05. The "problem" with the chain rubbing subframe is actually normal...welcome to the world of WR ownership...SC

I have the same problem with my new bike. Matty05 assured me this was normal.

Mine however only occured when the chain tension was out. I did however get a hold of some 24x24mm aluminuim channelling which is about 1mm thick which I have taped to the affected area. So if it happens again the aluminuim channneling will take the punch and not my frame. If you're interested I can take a pic of the aluminium channeling. :thumbsup:

Hey Boer

A pic would be great.

I was thinking of doing something like that but was worried about the chain getting cought up on the plate I put on to protect the subframe. Have you had any problems like that?



ya i have the same problem. that pic would be nice

ok, I'll take a couple of pics tonight when I'm home from work :thumbsup:

Internet at work? You are lucky!

Internet at work? You are lucky!

:thumbsup: don't tell anyone :thumbsup::bonk:

OK, I only took some pics of the aluminium plate. The bike is covered up outside until the weekend. I will take some detailed pics of installation beofr I ride on the weekend.

Here is the type of plate I used:

As you can see it's a U-piece. It's inner width is 24mm and the feet are also approx 24mm deep.

I first wrapped some duck tape around the frame for protection against the plate. The frame I think is 20mm tubing, so I rapped about 2 or 3 times and inserted a 1mm thick straight plate on one side of the feet to take up the rest of the 24mm.

I pushed the u-plate over the frame towards me so that the plate is protecting the back (chainside) and front and rear of the frame. I thought that the feet wrapped around the front and rear would support the plate and prevent it from getting wripped off by chain during contact. I then wrapped the plate to the frame with duck tape and was done.

I have about 4 hours on the bike since with the correct chain slack and have had slight ripping of the ducktape and scrtaches to the plate. However nothing has moved yet and my frame is protected. :thumbsup:

Oh by the way I got the aluminium plate at the local DIY store. It was in the carpentry section. Looks like it is used for table or cupboard edges or ends. Just some help if you can't find any. :thumbsup:

I too would like to see a pic of this mounted on the bike.


Tighten your chain :thumbsup:

I too would like to see a pic of this mounted on the bike.


Have a look. Not very neat but does the job. The direction the aluminium plate is held in my hand is also the orientation of it's mounting. (I did take all sharp edges off!!) It is only held on by duck tape.

WGP is right, after I tightened my chain it was fine. But this is just a prevention in case the chain slackens on a ride :thumbsup:

The only reason there is touching now is because the plate and tape thickness extends out now

hey I have an 05 kxf with the same problem just notices it too. its pretty well eaten up but not to much to get a new one. I think ill try that.

Thanks for the pics....


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