Best vendor for edelbrock carb?

Who is the best vendor for an edelbrock for our good price and in stock? Cheapest I saw was an ebay seller for like 369 I think...

I talked to the guy on Ebay, Galixey Off Road of something like that. Even though they are on ebaw often, I never caught him when he had them in stock. He also said that if I had a problem, Edelbrock had excellent tech support. He's prolly right.

But I called Barnums, Sometimes they got em in stock, sometimes not, but she got one right away from Edelbrock and the head guy at Barnums used to work at Edelbrock and supposedly very accessable and knowledgeable for tech support, also the factory.

Anyway the carb coming from the factory to Barnums got held up a couple of days, so the lady at Barnums gave me $25 bucks off. It was cheeper than the ebay carb. I felt more comfortable ordering from Barnums,...But that's just me.

I do know that you will not regret putting it on your bike. I have a "L" and it is awsome, and installation was easy for a bonehead like me too.

The guy on barnums is advertising them at 495 I thought, the guy on ebay was did you get it so cheap at barnums?

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