Replacing Rear Shock Spring

I want to swap in an Eibach spring in place of the stocker on my 650r. It looks pretty staightforward, but any tips, secrets, or things I should look out for would be appreciated. TIA.

Something to consider when you have everything apart.

The lower shock link rides to the right wearing down the aluminum surfaces. These pictures were posted some time ago on TT.



I handmade a brass washer for the right hand side.

The free space between the swingarm mounting collars and the shockarm is very tight due to the extra length of the bushing/tube (that sits inside the shockarm). This tube is slightly longer than the width of the shockarm link, so I fashioned up a thin brass washer that slips over this tube.

Brass Plate


Start of the homemade washer


The outside diameter of the washer is equal to the outside diameter of the shock arm housing. The inside diameter is very slightly larger than the bushing/tube. So the washer just fits over the tube and covers the whole surface of the face on the shock arm.

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