my LED brake light pic (under stock lense)

Been reading alot of how people rigged up a brake light to their 650R and out of all the ideas I found, it seemed easiest to just add another 194 type socket, so I scrapped all of the rubber dampening crap under the lense and bought two 194 type sockets from the parts store, ground them down to be very skinny, and running one for brake,one for tail light, using red LED 194 type bulbs that have 5 LEDs per socket and they are VERY bright and work fine off the AC, here it is with the lense popped. Fits under the stock lense with room to spare.


Cool thanks for posting a pic! :thumbsup:

Very nice. LEDs are the way to go. Thanks for sharing.

I tried one led cluster a while back & it wouldn't work . Maybe the xr600r is different ? Maybe I need 2 clusters for proper amperage. Good post ! :thumbsup:

Check your wiring, some LEDs are polarized, and some aren't, these are not and I think that makes a difference, the first time I fire dit up they did not light, and it was the bulbs not fitting tight enough in the sockets, just pry the tabs out a skosh and it should work.

How can you tell if they are polarized or not?

where in Wyo you living?

and how does the brightness look when you pull on the brake?

I've been contemplating getting mine plated this summer down here in SW Wyo.

I am still here in cheyenne, we will have to meet somewhere halfway for riding, aren't you in rock springs? The package will say if they are polarized. They are very bright, ALOT brighter than the stock bulb just sitting under the lense. When I get all the wiring finished and neatened up I will get some pics up. I mainly wanted to get this pic for anyone hell bent on a break light under the stock lense, I hate the look of the stock running light PLUS one of those goofy tailight/license holder deals.

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