VIN# on 01 YZ426?!?!?!

I bought a bike from a guy in Cali. I got the title and the VIN on the title matches the vin stamped on the frame. Now when I go to change the title over to my name the DMV in AZ has to inspect the bike...they told me they would check the VIN and engine ID#. But when I took the bike down to DMV to have it inspected they told me there should be a 2nd vin on a sticker somewhere on the bike but I couldn't find it.

Does ANYONE know? Can you guys with 01's take a look and see if there is another vin on a sticker anywhere on your bike?

The vin # is stamped on the right of the steering stem and on the elevated part of the right side of the engine under the exhaust header. There is a label on the frame under the seat but it is only a model #. I looked on my 01 YZ426F and could not find any other vin #s. I think they are wrong!. good luck.

Thanks for the reply.

I think the guy at MVD must be stupid or lazy or both....I'm going back on Monday to try again.

Remember to act like you KNOW where everything is on the bike and if someone at the DMV doesn't know all that much then they will take your word for it. If they say there is another VIN number then say "NO, this bike only has it here, there is no other VIN stamped on this bike". Or better yet, whip out the owners manual and show them that. :thumbsup:

I actually found a better solution for my problem. My riding buddy is a detective with Phoenix PD and he can do a state inspection on the bike for me! So he's going to check the vin and give me an inspection certificate that I can take down to the DMV. :thumbsup:

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