Paddle talk

So if you were looking at buying a '03 YZ450f, and it came with 2 spare paddles that were both pretty worn out, what would you think in regards to the motor?

Background is... it got a new top end by a good shop middle of last season and I don't know if the paddles were used before, after, or in the middle of this service.

My basic worry is... how many trips do you get on a paddle before the cups have worn out? I ride mostly hard-pack Ocotillo Wells and track style, but knowing that soft sand works a motor much more than hard-pack desert, how much could this motor be worn given that I've got 2 worn out paddles?


That bikes been used and abused!! (Thats what I would think)!!

Ya, that's my worry.

Anybody actualy worn a paddle out and know how many trips you might get out of it? One season, two???

On the other hand may be they rode the paddle on the pavement from dune to truck alot. I would check the compression on the motor if your worried.

i have an '03 yz450 and ride sand dunes a lot up in Silver Lake, Michigan. I can honestly say that in my opinion if a paddle is worn down from that bike then dont buy it. THere should be really no reason for a paddle tire to get worn out from riding it in sand, its the riding in hard packed dirt (parking lots to sand dunes entry, stuff like that) that wear down a paddle. I have had my paddle for two years and it could probably last me another 5 if i wanted it to.

When buying used I like to look at many other things to get a feel for how this guy takes care of his equipment. Is the garage clean and organized? how about the vehicle he drives? Clean and looks like he takes care of it? The yard and house?

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