What's an '01 426 worth?

The guy that owned my '01 bike wanted $2,900 for it, he was getting out of cycles and into pilot lessons. I had an RC plane I wasn't using, so I took it down to his house when we were starting to deal, he loved it, knocked $250 off the price, and threw in a gear bag full of knee and elbow guards and goggles, along with lots of spares for the bike.

The power and reliability of the bike have been awesome, the only things I am looking to improve are a softer seat and bigger gas tank. We went riding this weekend (never did get a winter yet this year), and I had studded the tires up for the ice. On the trails, there is like -zero- wheelspin with studs, just gas it and hang on tight. If you want to flat-track a field, you can lay it down nearly sideways and still have plenty of traction.

I consider this bike a steal at the price, have added a new chain and tires, I can't even guess at how many rides it has on it now, every weekend for spring, summer and fall for two years now anyway.

I bought my 01 426 back in the fall off of ebay from a John deere dealership. some guy traded it in on a tractor. the bike was flawless, not a single scratch and every bit of paint was still on the frame by the pegs. it was bone stock, i changed the fluids and have been riding the balls off of it since

I bought my 01 426 back in the fall off of ebay from a John deere dealership. some guy traded it in on a tractor. the bike was flawless, not a single scratch and every bit of paint was still on the frame by the pegs. it was bone stock, i changed the fluids and have been riding the balls off of it since. $2100 delivered

I snagged a 99 yz400 2 years ago with a scotts damper, ims tank, probillet kick stand, magura hydro clutch, 2 stock tanks, and a host of other sh!t for $2200. After selling the extras I ended up with the bike for $1500. Granted its not a 426 it wasnt a bad deal for CA. Added another $250 in parts and got the yz450 ergos... :thumbsup:


Got a 01 426 about a month ago for 2k, sweetheart of a deal. A friend saw it when he was at a co-workers house and told the bike owner I was looking for a thumper. Guy called me up and said it was going in the local trader for 2400, but since I knew his friend a "deal" could be cut. So I got it for 2000, dropped it off at a local shop and had a professional eye give it a look and ended up with a 470 dollar service(clutch, brakes, chain, sprockets....lotsa small stuff). Runs like a champ, curls my hair when it decides to get traction. Next up is a gnarly rear tire(60% Mellville on it now) and a 450 exhaust cam. I can crank it first try most of the time, but if I'm tired and pissed off trying 3 times takes the wind out of my sails.

I will say tho, make SURE the bike is pointed in a safe direction, twist grip and hold on for dear life. I had the thing on asphalt(windrock) and it would get all sorts of crazy in 3rd. I dearly want to spring for a motard setup and be a hooligan.

got mine @ the end of summer for $850...wouldn't start...just had to clean the carb..d valves were fine....it was a bank repo deal....it's an o2...the plastic was about a 6 out of 10, but i replaced all of it anyways....but it's bone stock...except for the hurricane kit it had on it...and some handlebars...now it's motarded though...and it's about to be on the street.

I got the YZ426 yesterday. My friend was asking $2400, so between what you guys all said and taking an average from KBB, I thought that was a fair price and that's what I gave him.

It's in pretty good shape though the rear is saging a little and I can't tell yet if it's the shock or linkage. There's a few bolts missing here and there like the ones for the rad shrouds into the tank and there's no case guard infront of the counter-shaft sproket. The valves probably need adj and the carb gone through.

It does have however, a brand new Michilen S12 rear plus new rear sproket and o-ring chain. Add to that, Devol rad gaurds and Moose bark-busters, it's gonna be a great woods bike for my son.

Thanks for all the replies. :thumbsup:

I think the missing countersprocket guard is to avoid getting mud caked on it.

We bought a 2001 YZ426F for $2700 last year. We didn't know much about buying bikes at the time, and it wasn't in great condition. The plastics were messed up, it needed new tires, a fork rebuild, and some other small things. However, there was a full engine rebuild done prior to purchase, so it made it worth it, in a way. We now have it in perfect condition, it looks like it's brand new from the factory. If we were to sell it now, it'd fetch about $3000.

I had a nice 00' 426 posted on here and other sites for $1800.00 and didn't even get a bite. It had newer crank and top end along with Hot Cams and extensive headwork by Pinnit Motorsports. The tires and wheels were absolutely new due to the fact that they were stored when I put on a set of 17's. The bike was in great shape and had lots of extra plastic and a factor service manual included in the deal.

I ended up giving it away for $1600.00

Where were all you guys who paid $2000.00 plus when mine was for sale? It ended up all good, only because I got a great deal on a 05' 450.


Paul G


I purchased a "cherry" 01 426 in Sept 05' for $3000 out the door from a dealer in Thousand Oaks, CA. That may seem a little high but we pay tax, registration, off road fee assessment (and every other penalty for living in CA that you can think of). I am very satisfied with the bike and would do the deal all over again.

i just bought mine for 2600 and it was about the best price id found

I just bought mine for $2600 and it was the best price i had found on one

I got my 00 426 for $2300 with quite a bit of mods... enzo suspension, fat bars, upper trees, pegs, black excels and the list goes on.

I would say that question really depends on the seller. A good condition 426 would sell somewhere between $2000 and $3000, but just last week I found a 2005 450f that was in PERFECT condition, it looked like it had only been ridden a few times, and the guy only wanted $1500 bucks. The reason being that he had an accident and now owed the hospital $1500 so it depends on the sellers necessity to sell the bike, Fast.

Good Luck

personally i think its totally the condition... a worn out race bike and a grandpa rode bike should be about 1500 bucks different

I've had my '01 for sale for several months now. Asking $2600 and have had no bites. Mine's in excellent shape too.

Pretty much describes mine - '01 426, comes with WR seat / tank for longer rides, extra set of shrouds, side covers, ASV levers, PMB cap, new Bridgestones both ends. Very nice shape, well maintained, but I can't get anybody interested yet. Early in the season yet to be concerned, but I really would like to get the cash out of it to help pay for the 06 450 that went into the garage last week!

The first guy that comes to look at it is going to buy it.


'06 450F

'01 426F

'02 XR100

'96 XR200

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