Xr650r vs cr500 RACE

I just raced my freinds 1995 cr500. It has a fresh top end with wesico parts. My 2000 xr650r is uncorked, plated. In a drag race on pavement, the 650 was equal until 50mph and then the 650 said good by. On the dirt I smoked him everywhere. The xr shined in the 50mph to top speed range. Riders where equal, we have rode since we were born. Also the rear tires were new or like new.

I can say the 500 feals much faster, but is not. The 500 can not match the tourqe and power curve of a 650. The 650's have power everywhere.

BRP's Rule.

I am going to try to put a picture of my bike in my profile.

I believe you, I owned a KX500 and it felt pretty wicked, but I think the 650r would pull it as you describe since it canput the power down easier.

I own both bikes, 650 and 500, and I doubt my 650 would win in a drag race against the 500. I know for sure it would not win in soft sand or sand hill drag racing. Possibly on hard pack or pavement the 650 would win as they fly in this type of terrain.

One night we were going to eat dinner at a local restaurant while camping/riding in the desert (Ocotillo Wells). My buddy's took the highway with their Cherokee so I decided to hop on the highway as well. They were doing 90 mph and I came up behind them with my 8 inch Baja Designs light blinding them and stayed there for a little bit then made a pass and continued down the highway at speed until I caught up to another car. Prob hit a 100mph or close that night, I was pretty cool feeling and the bike felt great, no wandering, no vibration, just jamming down the freeway. No way the 500 would do that without a major re-gearing.

Yeah my stock 500 was geared for a topend of around 85 ish, the BRP about a 100 or so, I still maintain the 650R feels quicker to 60 offroad than my KX500 did, the KX had shorter gearing and a narrow powerband all of which give the illusion of quick acceleration but the ferocity at which the 650R covers ground is amazing. I think it would be a great race.

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