06 YZ450 .... Things that suck!

Its LOUD. I think I am going to get the pro moto billet endcap with the 96 db insert for when im riding on the track here in the neighborhood. Otherwise the neighbors are for sure gonna shut me down.

The seat cover, but only when it's time to wash! I had some mud get splattered on mine and I had to scrub it with a toothbrush to get the spots off of it. And for the record, no I didn't use my wife's toothbrush :thumbsup:

I have about 5 good and hard hours on my bike and all I can say is "WOW" this fn thing is like a works bike once properly set up! :thumbsup:

Things that sux

front tire

protaper bend is wrong

no front engine protection

Dipstick location and plastic screw set up is chinsy

That is all I have found yet...

Oil Changes are a breeze - easier than my 03

everything else rocks on this bike - best Yamaha dirtbike period! :thumbsup:

how many yellow 450's are available and should i buy now or will it be to late..

I couldn't agree more about access to the carb. It's just WAY too Honda-ish. But I have to say that I saw that one coming. All the alum frame bikes are that way.

As for the dipstick... What dipstick had that idea! Anybody that give a crap about their bike measures their oil and changes often. A dipstick implies that I would actually leave oil in there long enough to wonder if some had burned off! I'm going Monday to find a metric bolt to cut off and make a plug.

Get a FCR carb tool from motion pro or msr, it will make carb work a breeze.

You guys are going to love this, I believe the dipstick is an idea off the YFZ quad motor. I hate to admit I bought one of the second year YFZ's and it had the same plastic dipstick, I believe that was in 02 or 03.

Getting at the carb SUCKS!

Welcome to the world of working on aluminum-framed dirtbikes.

Other'n that, I'm so freaking in love with this thing it's probably illegal.

Hey Now,

It's ok to love you're bike........just don't LOVE your bike!

In other words, stay away from that exhaust pipe opening Lipskid!


Anyone know what the stock Jetting is on this bike? Im going to give it a shot this week when I go ride it for a good 10 hours, break it in and all that, if I have to I will change it.

I hate...

Nothing, because I havent got a chance to take mine out yet, god I hate the city, cannot wait till we move!

Anyone know what the stock Jetting is on this bike? Im going to give it a shot this week when I go ride it for a good 10 hours, break it in and all that, if I have to I will change it

You have the manual, right? I suggest you read it, it is really a good one, even though you get some information from here too.

Setting/tuning pages 7-4, 7-5, 7-6: 42 PJ and 165 MJ.

Please trust us: you need to rejet, don't give it a shot without doing it.

48-170 and needle 5th clip, fuel screw 2 turns out is a good starting point, then fine adjust it.

Got to rejet for sure eh? That's stupid, it should come correct from factory, but it happens I guess.

Now I just got to learn how to jet my bike. I know nothing, all I know is I got a needle and it goes with the carb or something, I know nothing about the numbers and clips you talk about, but I guess once I look at it in person I will get it...

Any online articles that can teach me? The manual I will check out tomororow, see how good that explains it, but most stuff is not explained well in it.

Thanks alot, I hate to make a thread about how to before I look into it somemore.

Yes, it should, but it doesn't. Please rejet.

Thor, the manual is really good, you don't need tech tip articles. When you start wrenching you will learn, but I think it would be good if you got someone to do it WITH you, not for you. I wish I was there to teach you, I'd do it with pleasure. It is really not that much to learn the basic things.

Right, Ill have my Dad on my side helping me out.

So a good jetting point is 48-170, and turn the fuel screw about 2 turns out? Now, does my carb have those numbers in-printed or something on it? What does 48-170 mean?

I won't have to do anything else right, just set it and its good to go? I won't have to mess with any internal engine work, or anything correct?

Thanks, I havent got a chance to look at my manual right now, but I will later today.

Alright, I read my manual, and got a better understanding how it works. Still a bit confused, but Im certian those confusions will go away when I start wrenching.

Cluch springs go before the plates!

Got ya! Like all things, some things do suck, even, when the sum of all the parts equals FANTASTIC!

(To Clarify: I Think This Bike Is Awesome)


Getting at the carb SUCKS!


i recently aquired a degree in Quantum Physics and i was able to get the subframe off, but it was still difficult, i think ill have to remove the bar pad next time....... :ride:

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