165 lbs. on stock 06 450, clickers?

I am old and fat. I weigh 185 lbs., but my setups always work very well for a A-B class rider at 165 lbs.

Anybody 165 lbs. on the stock 06 450? What are your clickers?

My first run today had me clicking my :thumbsup: off! If only I could get the girlfriend to ride that hard! Sorry, I digress...

Currently at: Fr Comp 14, Fr Reb 7, Rr LS Comp 10, Rr Reb 8, Sag 95mm.

Bike is much better but very bouncy on rebound. Did a nasty off a big tabletop and pogo'd three times before I stopped bouncing. Wondering if I need to tighten both rebounds or what. Just looking for feedback.

im on a 06 450 and i weigh 172 in street clothes. ive got my clickers set on the fork comp 13 out and the reb at 7 . the shock is comp 10 out and the reb is 8 out .so im basiclly set up like yours . i havent set the sag yet ive only got three good rides on it so far . but if i go to parker valley tomorrow im gonna go in on the rebound (front & back) mine seems a little too quick on the rebound too

Make sure you set your sag if you haven't already, and bleed the air out of your forks. Good starting point. Then go back to stock settings and test it.

You probably did this, but check tire pressure too.


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