Anybody going to LV?

I'm WR thumper since 1998 in Japan.

I'm looking forward to visit this forum everyday.

BTW Anybody going to Las Vegas in the end of this month?

I'm going to go there for the race "Vegas to Reno".


'99WR400F Stroker suspension,Scotts Stabilizer, IMS tank, YZ seat, WR-timed, FMF pow-core 4 silencer, Renthal-bar ,Boyesen frex grip.

Sure I can go, you coming from Japan right, I'm on the way, swing by Highland, Illinois and I'll ride with ya. I'll be waiting on the front porch ready to go.

Can you get me a good deal on a Sony Playstation 2? Bring it with you and I'll buy it from you.

Thanks, looking forward to seeing you real soon.



Are you racing Vegas to Reno? It should be a great race. Have fun!!

Mark, about playstation 2 for JPN

Those specs are different between Us's and JPN's. So you won't be able to use it in US. hahaha...

And my baggages are already full!!

See you in Vegas.

My number is "072".

Blue WR with yellow handguards.

I'm going to have much fun!!


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