Plastic/Sticker kits for LE 450?

I picked my LE 450 up yesterday!!! Can't wait to ride Mesquite in two weeks!!

I've heard that One Industries has a plastic/sticker kit for these things. I checked out their website and the photo they have (yellow bike) looks like an '05. Has anyone ordered and received the kit? Are there any other companies making them?

I'd like to swap out my original plastic ASAP.

My dad has it on his YZ250, and it looks great. The plastics don't fit as good as OEM, and it is the same color as suzuki yellow, but it still looks good.

Is it the One Industries Kit for the '06 LE or from somewhere else? Any pics??

From what I have been told from, One Industries should have their yellow 06 kits in any time now. I was told end of January for the kits to be instock. But im pretty sure One just has the graphic kit out right now.

Yellow Yamaha of Troy kits are coming. Call 1-800-294-1577 and ask for a time when those are due in. You can ask for Scott direct, but I am sure they are due in this week....

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