Coolant leak...need help!

I recently purchased a 98 YZ400F (only ridden it around the yard), I just finished messing around with it and was checking fluids. I noticed the radiator was not full, so I filled it up. Then I rolled it out and fired it up to set he idol ect. A bunch of coolant cam poring out of the bottom, so I tool the engine guard off and started it again to see where is was leaking. I noticed a small hole in the bottom of the water pump that looks like a screw is missing. It is not the coolant drain plug, but rather on the very bottom of the water pump in the case. Anyone know what this is? I am guessing a screw is missing??


Ok, ok, I know, search the archives! I just did on this and found a world of info. Glad to see it is a simple fix! A few seals, a Captian & Coke and some good old Deep Purpe in the background on Friday night and I will be good to go!

do a little research and see if these style waterpumps have a weep hole in them. most waterpumps do and if that is the case it means that your pump is bad and needs replaced. it is a common indicator to let you know that your pump is bad.

Yo - Is that why you called me today?? See you that you called didnt check messages yet...still licking my wounds from Fridays crash. My knee is fu@#ed up! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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