I am sure that most of us in the old days used avgas in our 2 strokes but what about now with the new generation 4 strokes? We have a dealer here in town that sells a fuel called TRICK, I am unsure of the octane but it comes at a cost of about $7.00 a gallon. Fortunately for me a have an endless supply of cost free avgas anytime i need it but i am not sure if it is suitable to use as a straight fuel for my bike. any input or info here would be appreciated thanks.

So why do you need more octane??? We have a few friends that use LL Av in there Rx1 turbo's and it seems to work fine some say that it's not fit for bikes and sleds but the little I have used it I have never had a problem 50/50 mix.

Don't use Avgas in your bike.........

This subject has been beat to death, and in fact I think Motocross Action Magazine recently answered this question, saying DON'T use it. I don't remember all the details, but remember Aviation fuel is used for aircraft that run at high altitudes, and relatively a constant RPM. THat is NOT how Motocross/Dirt bikes are run.

On a stock modern 4 stroke, all you need is 91 octane to about 94 octane; on a STOCK engine. If you switch to a higher compression piston, THAN you will have to use a higher octane fuel. If you go below 91 octane, you risk detonation (ping), and if you go above 94 octane, you are wasting money on fuel. In fact MXA magazine stated that bikes actually gave slightly lower Horsepower when fuel octane went over about 95.

I run BP or AMOCO 93 octane in my 2004 YZ 450f....never a sputter.

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