Am I the only wierd one?

has anyone else who has put on a hi-po exhaust with a rear facing outlet stood benind their bike and let the air bounce off your face? it's so cool isn't it? it never hits the same place twice.

or how about the noise the air makes as it goes by about 4-5 feet from the outlet? i kept hearing a whistling noise when i put on my t-4 and it took me forever to find that the air coming out was making the noise at about 4-5 feet from the tip. that's aerodynamics right there buddy!!!

please tell me i do not have too much time on my hands!!

I love it when she spits out a big flame... Makes you wanna make that Tim the Toolman Noise.

And yes you have too much time on your hands :

I have to admit it gives me a special feeling too!

I notice the exhaust pockets (I call them "Thumps") hit the ground about 30 feet behind the bike when its sitting there warming up.

Yep, I'm weird too, but for many more reasons… :)

Yeah ron, that's what i'm talkin about. like when you're turning on a berm with a guy on a wr in front of you and you can see little puffs of dust walking it's way around the berm. kinda like wr splooge running down a drz swingarm. get some!

I noticed that on my dads yz426. if we're sitting still, he thumps the dust on the ground....sometimes right in back, sometimes way off the side. Ive already been hit by them when i'm sitting way off to the side and wy in back. :)

It is cool to see them hit the dirt when riding though!

Anyone else blown out a smoke ring (one, light ring)? That was really cool!


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And all of this time I thought it was just me being a dork!!!!!



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You guys are scaring me :)

Bonzai :D

I think too much exhaust is being inhaled..........must be the race gas

As long as you are just putting your face in front of the pipe. :)

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