IMS Tank Blues

As far as fit goes, I dont think that the Clarke fit my R any better than

the IMS did... but it sure as hell looks a lot better.

Bro, send the piece of junk back and get a Clark. Same thing happened to me. :bonk::thumbsup::thumbsup: And I've heard alot of the same stories. Do a search on here and se what u come up with.

Okay, it's been a week of riding it with the Clarke tank and the final verdict

is in.

The IMS is a better tank.... sure it looks like crap but from a riders

perspective it "fits" the rider better. It is narrow between the legs

so you get a good knee grip going, so it feels more comfy.

The IMS is also tougher, the Clarke tank is soft and easy to squeeze out

of shape. in fact I would hate for it to hit a rock, I'm not sure it would servive.

With a few spacers and such you could "fix" the bad fit of the IMS but

there is not much you could do about the rough look though.

So the solution is to get the QA guys from Clarke to go work at IMS and

you would get a great product. :thumbsup:

All this being said though. I like the Clarke and I'm glad I switched tanks.

Most of my riding will be on the road so I prefer the better looking tank :thumbsup:

Mine was shitty too I was and am very unhappy. This was my second IMS tank bought at BD, the first sprang a leak after a soft laydown at the radiator lower left shroud bolt hole and was warrantee replaced (I'de rather of had my $ back). The finish on both SUCKED. Since I am overseas the wait and inconvinence of the return is not worth it since the tank is at least functional. DONT BUY THE IMS. LOOK at the pix in this thread between the 2 different tanks IT IS THAT OBVIOUS.

Not only shoudl you send it back.... make damn sure THEY pay for it to be shipped back. you shouldnt have to spend more money because they suck at life

I also heard horror stories about IMS and bad fitting etc.

Therefore I was very surprised when I bought the 4.7 gal a year ago it did fit perfectly!

But the finish is bad, some stickers will cover it for me.

My friend who at the same time also bought one for his DRZ had big problems.

So conclusion must be you never know if you are going to get a god or bad sample.

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