Used XRL need info?

Just bought a used XR650L for my brother. I need some basic info. The stock front and rear sprockets- need to go one tooth down in the front, but I don't know if it already has one down. I also need to know the stock jetting so I can adjust up. Also this bike has the forks raised into teh tripple clamps about an inch- is this the stock position? I don't have an owners manual can I get one on a web site? If not which way do I turn the comp and rebound dampening on the rear shock for more?

Thanks I'll need more answers later. This bike has a stock exhaust and K&N air filter with an additional filter blanket aroung the K&N guaze. Do I oil that with the same K&N oil?

stock gearing is 15/45

Clockwise for more, counter clockwise for less. I believe the stock position for the fork tubes is with the bottom edge of the fork tube cap even with the top edge of the triple-clamps.

Main jet: 155

Slow: 50

gear it 14/45 or 15/48 or 14/48. Your fork tubes are 15/16'ths to high.

I have a 94 XR650L, per Clymers the top of the fork tube needs to align with the top surface of the handlebar holder. If the top of the fork tube is above the clamp by an inch, thats too high.

Thanks for the replies.

Can I remove the fork cap by simply turning it off and can I add shims to the top of the spring in the fork?

before you move your fork tubes to stock height, get underneath and verify you have the stock link ... when installing lowering links, you must raise the tubes in their triple clamp .. perhaps that was done to compensate for an afttermarket link ... :thumbsup:

How will I know if it is stock? I measured teh seat hieght and with the forks lowered and strapped down to my bench the seat is still 35 3/4 inches so it must be the stock link right?

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