changing oil

i just got a 05 yz450 and the oil needs changing. it seems to be a complicated process according to the service manual. In the manual is says to take off the oil strainer and clean it? what is the oil strainer, is it the whole frame that the oil sits in? and also if i change the filter too how much oil should I put back in the bike and where am i supposed to fill it at? thanks for the help

That really is 100% covered in the manual. Read through it again.

It is not necessary to clean or inspect the strainer (part of the fitting to which the feed line attaches) each oil change. Do it once now, and then only in the event of a major repair or failure. Skip draining the oil lines, too.

For day to day oil changes, run the engine, drain the tank, drain the crankcase using the large drain plug under the transmission, change the filter, and refill. Takes about fifteen minutes.

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