06 yz450 for desert!

Has anybody set up their 06 yz450 for desert racing? If so how do you like it compared to older yz450's?

Can't compare it to older YZ's, but next to my WR, I sometimes miss 1st in the really technical stuff and 5th when it's smooth-n-wide. The other 95% is bliss. Stock suspension is excellent (backed off the comp. a bit) for my 205lbs. Whoops. :thumbsup: Very flickable in the twisties. Never feel like I'm between gears. And the motor. :thumbsup:

So far I've got the Scotts damper mounted, IMS tank, PC496 pipe(very impressed, all it lost was db's), 756 front tire, taller bars, and brush guards.

Stock gearing is perfect for most of the area I ride. I can't imagine why anyone would consider a heavier flywheel, unless they spend their days in the woods. Even then...You gotta screw the pooch big to stall this thing.

Love it!

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