Spark Plug Removal

Hi All,

A newbie here. Previously I owned a Honda and had no issue getting to the spark Plug. Subsequently, upgraded to a Wr450 and am battling to get to the spark plug (took the seat and tank off to get to it). I read through the manual and did not find a "simple" method to get to the plug. My question is: do I have to tank the tank off to get to the spark plug or is there an easier method.

Any help would be appreciated. :thumbsup:

As far as I know, there is no "easy" way to get to the spark plug. I personally only change them three times a year when I am going through my bike doing maintenance. It is definitely different than a old XR, but I like my WR sooooo much better.


Yes you have to take the seat and tank off the bike to get the spark plug out.

No big deal, just 6 bolts.

Thanks for the confirmation,

I am guessing that I do not have to remove the fuel hose line etc. This is a real pain when trying to check how the changes I make impact the spark plug. I used to determine how rich or lean the bike was running from the spark plug on my Honda.

How do you do it for the Yamaha if you have to continually take off the seat and tank.

When I check the plug, I just have the tank sitting on the bike with no bolts.

It won't move unless you stack it! Just keep the two seat bolts in.

Yes, remove the fuel line from the carby, it is easier to do. It is hard to get off at first, just use a fingernail to help pull the end up.

I only really do this when I think my jetting is nailed, and you should use a new plug every time for best results.

when it's lean I hear the coolant boil when I stop. When it's rich the exhaust pipe is filled with black soot that rubs off onto my finger.

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