minor problems, no big deal(03'yz450)LOL

Sometimes while out riding I go to kick start the bike and the kick lever wont budge. I try a couple kicks and finally it will kick through. It only happens intermittently.

I was wondering when taking links off the chain(shortening it), are you suppose to take only "even" number of links off at a time like 2,4,6,etc to keep chain running appropriately on the sprockets or does it matter? So that the teeth and chain stay in unison. Is it possible to throw them off(timing)?


If intermitently you are having a hard time kicking the starter down, I would guess that it because you caught the piston near TDC (top dead center), so no problems there.

Anytime you need to remove a link from any chain, just replace it. Chains stretch and when they do the link length changes and that will wear a sprocket fast. A bad sprocket won't ruin a good chain as fast as a bad chain will ruin a good sprocket.

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