04 wr450 wheels To 05 wr450 ?

Can someone please help me out .Are the 04 WR450 wheels the Same as 05 WR450 . Do the Brakes, sprockets,fit both. Did a search but i am more confused. Cheers Ian.

ok, I'll sum it up for you. Any YZ hub, 125, 250 250F 400 426 450, 1999-2004 will work. The only thing you will run into is that the rotor sizes changed a couple times on both front and back rotors. This will cause the caliper to either foul or not contact enough of the rotor. No problem, if you use the correct rotor. On the rear rim, 125's and 250's use a 1.85" rim rather than the 2.15" found on YZ 250's and 400 426 450's. On the WR series, the hub is also slotted to accept a speedo drive but will work on a YZ or a WR without the speedo drive with a YZ axle spacer in place. By the way I have personally tried a 2004 YZ250F front on my 1999 WR and it does fit.


From this thread:


Doesn't say anything about the '05, but I suspect '04 & '05 rear interchange. Front, not so sure since the forks were changed in '05, but then again, between 1999-2004, there were fork changes, and the wheels fit. May have to get spacers for the your bikes year, but wheel hubs should be the same.

Hopefully someone with first hand experience will ring in to confirm.

Yamaha's parts diagram says they are the same.

I bought a set of 05 wheels off of eBay and put them on my 03 WR450. They fit up with no problems at all. Sprockets and brakes all were the same. If you go to the Yamaha web site you should find that the hubs are the same part numbers for many years of bikes, WR's and YZ's. All I have to do is transfer the spacers from the original wheels to the new 05 wheels when I swap them back and forth.

Thank you all for the info .Very helpfull I am at ease now.Thumpertalk forums rocks.Cheers

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